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– My first week impressions –

Another teaching year ensues then, where the summer went I am unsure, it either went lightning quick or serenely slow. It is hard to gauge, at times I feel the summer was a quick dream, at other times there were slow uncomfortable periods where time seemed to drag eternally.

Whatever the case may be another summer has eclipsed us, the teaching year is upon us and nerves and excitement are twinging in the air.

How do I feel returning for year two at Big Ben School, there are a constant cohort of feelings that warp my mind, in general not just regarding Big Ben. Overall I am excited, the 1st year was a learning year, much was learnt not just about the ways of Big Ben but also about teaching methods and techniques. The biggest learning however took place within myself, certainly it was an interesting year away from rainy England moving so far east. It is not always easy, Bucharest can drag you down but luckily for me there are people and places that light the way once again.

With starting I was excited but also nervous, last teaching year I started Big Ben in October which meant skipping the chaos of the 1st academic week of the school year. With this being my second year I also want to improve, there is a pressure from within myself to perform to a higher standard, I want my students to learn and be happy as well as their parents to notice the improvements and be joyous with their child’s progress.

Also though I want my colleagues and management to admire the work I am undertaking, I have learnt much from my colleagues and respect the work they do, however I don’t want to be just learning, I also want to give and hopefully teach my colleagues something new along my Big Ben journey. After all, if we are not improving and growing we are just wilting flowers.

The 1st week came and went more smoothly than anticipated, there was an occasional hiccup but nothing major, the children class by class came with eager enthusiasm and smiles of joy upon meeting their new or old teachers. Classes throughout the building were filled with laughter, jokes and an eagerness to get the year started.

I must give special commendation to the reception team, the boss and her support staff during the 1st week, as I descended the stairs my 1st teaching day with a class what greeted me was a sea of parents and children, this is natural for the 1st week.
They children in my classes were all great this 1st week, from the little ones to the teenagers, they have a youthfulness and excitement for life that only a child can possess. I am highly thrilled to be teaching them this year, there are an abundance of characters from the quieter or more reserved children to the louder and more boisterous personas. Each will learn differently and each shall offer something different to the classroom environment, it is up to me to nurture their growth and learning.

The upcoming year will not always be so easy, what is upcoming I have no idea, this is life, but I am eager to see how it plays out and make the most of my continued venture at Big Ben School. I shall finish below with one of my favourite quotes:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift …………..

………….That is why it is called the present

Mark Wrycraft

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