A Big Ben Halloween

As the winter winds creep in and the autumn colours flourish a plethora of oranges can be seen throughout the busy city of Bucharest.

A bounty of orange can be seen at Big Ben also, what is occurring to warrant such an amount of orange and various other theme related items, well Halloween; from ghosts to skeletons and witches hats the language centre has been adorned with decorations for this American traditional holiday. Strange how it’s called a holiday when working still ensues.

I have conflicting views regarding Halloween, it is not such an English holiday, not such a celebrated occasion, not such an over hyped event to be pursued as our American friends.
Therefore going into Halloween and work I was not so thrilled about the event, however my stubborn nature was soon broken down by seeing such little angels in adorable costumes.

There were no angels to be seen amongst the various costumes but many other creative costumes to be admired. I happened across little vampires, witches, an assortment of animals, friendly devils and of course little princesses.
The majority of the staff also had rather imaginative costumes; with prior commitments I was unable to dress up in a traditional Halloween costume but it seemed people did not believe that my costume was of a Romanian guy.

As well as the fun costumes to be seen there was a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere at Big Ben, possibly due to funny Halloween related activities. However I think it’s because the children had been given sweets (Not Candies as our American friends prefer to say) and were filled with sugary goodness. I may have received a sweet or two which perked me up also.

For now the costumes have been stored away and Halloween rolls on; the autumn oranges will soon be replaced with winter whites and darker days, until then let’s enjoy the beauty of this seasonal period.

Mark Wrycraft

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