Free Workshop – “Heroes”

62Big Ben School Heroes FREE workshop for Big Ben School children

A heroic Sunday full of learning, fun, games and little heroes

What was it?

A free workshop organised by Big Ben School of languages for students of the centre. There were two free workshops conducted with one being for children aged 6-7 and a second workshop for children aged 8-9. The theme of the workshops was Heroes; with this discussions and activities took place based on superheroes or real heroes. But more importantly structures, vocabulary and English learnt previously at Big Ben were implemented and put into practice.

What happened?

Essentially children came at the weekend, they learnt, they laughed, they spoke and they left with smiles upon their faces.To add more detail however, revision took place of previously used classroom English. Familiar English to the children but used in a different setting with new themes. An important part of the language learning process is taking what has already been learnt and to add upon it with new words or settings to make the learner more adapt and comfortable when using another language. With revision occurring the next added ingredient was to learn new words and structures, of course this was through heroes and superheroes. Finally with the new words learnt and discussed it was then vital to practice through speaking, writing and reading worksheets or games.

What was learnt and achieved?

Although Heroes might seem simplistic in its nature much can be learnt through the theme. For example: What can a superhero do? They can fly, they can run really fast, they help people. All answers and words which can be used in different contexts.

When talking about real life heroes discussion of what characteristics this person has took place. They are brave, strong, fearless, smart etc. Again all great words which can be used in the students’ future use of English.

Overall what was achieved though was the ability for the children to come and use their English base whilst enhancing and adding new words or themes to their knowledge level.


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