Ben Rose


 My name is Ewan Hobbs and I’m a new member of the Big Ben family. I’ve heard amazing things about the Big Ben students and I’m really looking forward to meeting you! 

               I am a native English teacher from Bristol, England who has been teaching English since 2016. I studied at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and I obtained my CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teaching qualification in 2016.  I have taught English in Spain and in South America for four years.  I speak English, Spanish, Catalan and French, so I understand what it is like to learn a foreign language. Being a student myself helps me understand the problems my students might encounter when studying a new language.

             As a teacher, I am very approachable and happy to communicate with parents on a regular basis.  I expect students to come to the Big Ben lessons ready to learn with an open mind and interested in learning the English language and its culture.  In addition, I encourage students to collaborate with one another, respect each other’s opinions and values, be pragmatic, reliable and patient. 

            I am very happy that I can continue my teaching career here at the Big Ben Language School. The Big Ben School is a great building with a lot of spacious and comfortable classrooms to learn languages in. Moreover, the whole Big Ben School team are tremendous with a vast amount of knowledge and skill to help your child grow.

          I invite you to come and see for yourself what the Big Ben School has to offer and I can’t wait to be your teacher!