Thomas King


Dear readers,


            I’m Thomas King (Teacher Thom is what my students like to call me). I’m originally from the great state of New Jersey in the United States. I’ve spent several years volunteering with a private school for special-needs children, and attended Rowan College in Burlington County. I’ve also spent 5 years studying German with German natives. I am most proud of the fact that my enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for teaching and helping others are ever-present. I am fortunate in that I feel inspired and I’m extremely happy with my career.

I’ve always been a person with a lot of heart who wanted to help those around me, and educating children is a rewarding way to help young people advance their lives. This is also why I so enjoyed my years at Archway School for Special Needs Children. While the work was sometimes difficult or frustrating, getting to know each student and work with the teachers to improve lives was something very special for me. I am now honored to have students of my own which I get to watch grow, learn, and use their education in practical ways throughout their lives. I believe that is an awesome thing to see and I am grateful for the opportunity.

                I get a lot of joy from learning more about teaching and about people around the world, so teaching abroad is a natural fit for me. Having students start the year shy and unsure, and hearing them be able to confidently express themselves by the end of the year is very heart-warming and inspiring. This is why I enjoy what I do and feel very confident about the constructive year ahead for myself, my students, and their families at Big Ben School.