Mark Wrycraft

Hello readers!


My name is Mark Wrycraft and I was born and raised in the UK. Here I graduated University with a degree in Business and Education.

Now I find myself in the crazy, interesting yet adventurous and enjoyable city known as Bucharest.

What do I do in this city of Bucharest? I am a native English speaker teaching English classes with students ranging from five to eighteen years old.


I never envisioned I would end up working as a teacher in Bucharest but an attractive opportunity came about to work here for a few months, which turned out to extend to 5 years already. So far the experience has been very enjoyable, insightful and informative. I have met some fascinating characters, both Romanian and international, and am looking forward to the upcoming years here.


The reason I find myself as a teacher is partly due to the experiences I have had working with children through various summer camps and schools throughout Europe and America during the past few years. For me there is something very unique and wonderful about working with children. It is certainly not a career path for everyone but for me it keeps me young at heart and I thoroughly enjoy the challenges but also the rewards that come from this type of job.


I am very fortunate to work at Big Ben which is a beautiful building full of unique teaching spaces and amazingly kind hearted knowledgeable staff members. When I step into work I feel instantly at home. Here at Big Ben School I have been teaching students for 5 years. Although at times I have felt a little out of my comfort zone, the children have been exceptional and have made the experience of teaching very satisfying and pleasurable.


I invite you to come experience Big Ben School for yourself! Not only will you be greeted with a smile but you may also have the opportunity to hear my beautiful Romanian.


I look forward to meeting you!

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