Emmett O’Frighil

Hello parents and children!

My name is Emmett O’Frighil and I’m from Ireland.

Having acquired my BA degree in Theatre and Drama studies in London where I worked predominantly in theatre and the arts, focusing on Socio-political projects I also wrote and directed various pieces of my own creative and theatrical work.
I further went on to study my Teacher Training in Ireland where I spent the last two years working with and alongside national schools and after school community projects, working with children and young people with high learning needs.

I want to use this opportunity to assure you that your child is in great learning care. I will endeavour to instill in your child the wealth of knowledge, passion and education I have gained thus far, and you can be assured that the development of your child is at the forefront of my ethos.

As well as following the extremely valuable curriculum set out by Big Ben School, I will be pushing your child further, I don’t call it work, as learning should never be seen as a chore, but I will however be giving your child extra reading, literature, poetry etc., and set research and creative projects, to further help them gain the best from me, and for me to achieve the very best in them.

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